Natural Apple & Matcha Crumbles
Natural Apple & Matcha Crumbles

Natural Apple & Matcha Crumbles

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Our naturally dehydrated fruit powders are so versatility. Dehydrated fruit powder packs a punch of flavour, as well as valuable vitamins and minerals. so you can get all the natural goodness from fruit and berries without unnecessary additives. 

Since they have no added sugar, sweeteners, preservatives, colours, or flavourings, they are the perfect addition to any dessert, ice cream, smoothie, or sauce. They can replace artificial flavouring in nearly anything, but especially desserts.


90% Dehydrated Apples 10% Matcha Green tea powder

We use Matcha in our Raw Cookies and are about to relaunch our Love Bites which we use our apples for.

Available in 50g or 300g bags

Shelf life 5 years